Confirmation Instruction


Confirmation instruction at St. Paul consists of both class sessions and work to be completed in the student's home.  Instruction is open for children in grades 6, 7, and 8.


The confirmation program is designed for children and parents to choose when to start the program and also to decide at what pace they will move through the program.  It is self-motivated.


There are 6 units in the program.  4 of the units are to be completed in the home, with instructional sheets given to the students by unit.  Upon completion of a home unit, the student meets one on one with the pastor to review the unit before he or she is started on the next in-home unit.  The other 2 units are completed in mandatory class sessions with the pastor.  Each class unit is offered once per year.


The units are as follows:


                   UNIT 1 - Intro. to Confirmation; The Word of God. (IN HOME)

                   UNIT 2 - The 1st and 2nd articles of the Apostle's Creed (IN CLASS)

                   UNIT 3 - The Lord's Prayer (IN HOME)

                   UNIT 4 - The 10 Commandments (IN HOME)

                   UNIT 5 - The 3rd article of the Apostle's Creed (IN HOME)

                   UNIT 6 -  The Means of Grace; Baptism; Holy Communion (IN CLASS)