St. Paul Lutheran Church






THE GOSPEL:  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the center of all that is preached and taught at St. Paul.  We believe that the church's mission on earth is to proclaim the good news of sin forgiven and life eternal through the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who sacrificed Himself for our sin.  Therefore, we uphold in worship and Bible study the cross of Christ and do not preach a "gospel" which teaches a rejuvenated kingdom on earth in any form.  The Gospel of Christ alone shall stand forever.


WORSHIP:  We practice traditional, conservative worship.  We do not see a need to change to modern or contemporary forms of worship simply for the sake of change or because everyone else is doing it.  From liturgy to hymnody traditional worship is "in" at St. Paul.


TEXTUAL PREACHING:  No political agendas nor philosophical systems form the basis of the Sunday sermon.  The Word of God alone informs what is said from the pulpit. 


In 1932, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod issued a Brief Statement to convey in a convenient form the beliefs of the Church. You may click on this link for a more detailed look at the teachings of our church.